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Every man is on a journey, the adventure of life. Fatherhood may be the most meaningful and fulfilling part of our human experience. Many times men stumble into their fatherhood role, this community is an invitation to embrace and enjoy it.


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Guided course work for new and expecting dad and also dads with older kids who want to be the best version of themselves on this fatherhood journey.

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We all have questions. As men, we don't want to ask questions that make us feel stupid. This is a place you can ask anything; this is a safe place to learn how to take care of your child or how to support the mother of your children. We don't want you wondering! We want confident fathers.


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"I want to be a great father, but my father was not present in his role, and I didn't really know how to approach this Fatherhood role. This Introduction to Fatherhood course gave me a solid understanding of what fatherhood should look like, and a desire to unlock my potential as a father."


"It’s not about meeting all goals 100%, but rather making regular, intentional steps toward being the person you want to be. Be the dad you want your kids to have. This course gave me a great foundation."


"This course has helped kickstart and give me the momentum I have needed to break through in some of the areas of passivity I have struggled with as a father."


"This course helped me to understand my role as a father, husband and the leader of my household. It helped me take control of my actions and emotions and gave me a better understand on how my presence effect those in my home."


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